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At WooVersity we strive to offer grounded, fun and transformational classes that are relatable to your everyday life! Please explore our distance learning options listed here. We hope you find something fun and appealing, that engages your woo-side with curiosity and enthusiasm! Please continue to keep checking for new offerings.

FREE 5-Day Intuitive Awareness Game

YOU ARE intuitive! If you know it or doubt it – join us for this 5-day game to take note of your sixth-sense and bring awareness to how it comes in for you!

reclaim your space

A foundational class on energy awareness and intuition that will give you tools to feel better everyday.  This class is great for everyone, but especially profound for highly sensitive and empathic individuals. Perfect for beginners OR advanced healers looking to expand thier awareness and tool set.

Intuitive Training Program

Ready to transform? Intuitively look at yourself from a neutral perspective, practice unique techniques to heal old patterning, create new paradigms in self awareness, and live a more consciously aware and intentional life. Cultivate trust in your intuition, connection to spirit, and master your energy.  Learn to READ energy – auras, past lives, chakras, etc and see how this can really shift your life. This course is deeply nourishing to both body and spirit!

Awakened Woman Series

Use your energy to care for yourself first! Do you feel drained, or is your to-do list so long you don’t even know where to start? Release guilt & responsibility patterns that can keep you from living with grace and effortlessness. Learn about an amazing quality of energy all females have to manifest their lives! See how putting yourself first is actually the most helpful thing you can do for your loved ones. Coming Soon!

Parenting & The Chakras

Confused by all the parenting methodologies and advice out there? Tune into your own truth in your parenting space. Learn more about your chakras and intuitively look at how they can help you to understand your relationship with your children. Tuning into this knowledge can not only provide valuable personal information, but also offers tremendous insight into what you’re working on with your children in any given moment. Coming Soon!

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