Personal Healing & Transformation Sessions

Curious about your aura, chakras, past-lives, karma, and more? Work with our founder, Stacia Synnestvedt, in a one-on-one setting for healing, transformation and to learn personalized tools to take charge of your life. Stacia utilizes her gifts as a multi-dimensional empath, spiritual teacher, and healer to help individuals make deep changes in their life. One-on-one sessions, as well as transformation packages, available!

Rt. Rev. Stacia Synnestvedt

Working with Stacia is highly transformational. In each private session she uses her gifts in clairvoyance, clairsentience, in-depth knowledge gained through extensive studies in spirituality, as well as all that she has learned in over 16 years of offering private readings and healings. She holds the space with a high frequency to help individuals to release stuck blocks, address traumas, clear deep-seeded programming and take next steps in their life. Stacia works with your highest-self to tune-into what is needed in the moment, and every session is unique and is a reading of your energy field present-time. You will work together to peel away the layers of your lifetime – and lifetimes – that bring in doubt, uncertainty, fear, control, lack, and more; thus helping you move more into certainty, seniority, and love. You can work with Stacia no matter where in the world you are located!

Schedule for your private healing session below, OR she is now also offering Next Step Accelerator packages, which you can explore by clicking the button below!

Each Session May Include

Aura/Chakra readings, clearings & alignment

Past life/Akashic Records reading

Work with spirit guides, beings & entities

Karma updates

Etheric body healings: physical, mental, emotional & astral body clearings & alignments

Addressing & energetically deprogamming old beliefs/patterns that no longer serve you

Spiritual Teachings

Personalized meditations

Relationship Sessions Include

Offered to individuals (not couples) who are wishing to work on their relationship space, past or present

Energy cord clearing

Deprogramming relational patterns that don’t serve

Past life reconciliation

Karmic updates

Spiritual contracts

Wisdom integration

Emotional energetics processing

Shift the energy into a space of empowerment and clarity for the next chapter of life

  • Doing distance work with Stacia was incredibly powerful, to the extent where the actual physical distance between us seemed to fall away. She has an incredible ability to tune in with accuracy, and to share such useful meditation tools as part of the session. Her intuition has always felt so aligned with my inner truth. She has helped me to feel seen in a very unique way, and to remove blocks and heal in ways I hadn't been able to before.

    Emily Souder
    Emily Souder
  • Stacia’s healing work has been incredibly helpful in my life and the space she has created is inviting and safe. The tools she provides have drastically improved my wellbeing—I am constantly recommending this form of healing work to others.

    Emma Laffayette, CO
  • I went for my diagnostic mammogram this morning and had to explain to the Tech and Dr that with the help of a powerful energy healer, my body was able to deflate the cyst. I thought their heads were going to explode. It felt so good to explain it so matter of fact. Gratitude to Stacia and her gifts!!

    Hilary Z
    Hilary Z
  • My recent session with Stacia opened up SO much, including a big perspective shift and realization around how I think about wealth and some really juicy talks with my husband. Always so interesting how this works - how the door swings open after we work together!

    Pam P
    Pam P
  • When a member of my family feels stuck, we call Stacia. When the kids are having trouble moving through developmental stages, be it emotional development, tantrums, nightmares, cold sores, over-sensitivity, or malabsorption of food, we call Stacia. When we're stuck feeling negative about a situation, or when we can't move past a trauma, we call Stacia. She never disappoints!
    My family sees holistic practitioners fairly regularly for various modalities, one of them being Stacia, and my husband and I both feel Stacia has helped us the most. From physical issues to mental-emotional issues, Stacia's intuitive healing touches it all. I think one of the reasons her sessions are so helpful is because they aren't limited to information from and healing of experiences in this lifetime, but they heal underlying issues that span multiple lifetimes, so that we can move on. And when a session sheds light on a recurring pattern or lesson from a multitude of lifetimes, we can consciously choose a different path forward. What a gift!
    Elizabeth Nishitateno

Important session notes:

All sessions are done via Zoom (online, app, or phone) and a recording link of the session will be provided afterwards.

Stacia does not predict the future, it is believed that work done in each session – as well as a choice you make at any given moment – has the power to change the future.

All work is done with your energy field present time, but sometimes what will come up is energy from the past – whether from this lifetime or from past lives – that needs to be addressed and/or released from the energy field in order to empower you in your present-time.

Each session begins with you asking questions or stating intentions.

Stacia then connects with your highest-self/source to guide the session in the order that best serves you.

It then moves into intuitive reading and moving of energy in your field – helping to move what is stuck, peel back the layers for more information, and to make space for new energy and next steps to come in.

Occasionally, energy is very stuck, and at that point Stacia may have you speak about what is coming up for you because often times this is where a lot of energy gets stuck – in our story. This will light up the energetic pattern in a different way and aid in helping to release what does not serve you.

Emotional release is likely to happen, and is welcomed, in the session.

The space is held to integrate the spiritual & emotional work with the physical, so you will be invited to somatically tune into your body throughout the session.

Each session ends with a guided meditation where Stacia will lead you through a personalized visualization to complete the work, and you will then have those meditation techniques to work with on your own afterwards.

This type of healing work has different effects on everyone after the session. Most people find themselves continuing to release over the course of the days following the session. It is important to be aware of your mindset after each session – being able to recognize what continues to release and update as the physical world catches up with the high vibrational energy work done in the session.

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