OWN your woo

WooVersity is about getting to know, love and trust yourself, from the perspective of your highest self. We encourage you to learn what is true for you by utilizing your intuition. Through this, you embody a personally guided way of being. Awareness is cultivated that the world around you is significant in supporting your lessons as a soul, but you learn how to own your truth within that. You begin to master the the gift of present time awareness, and cultivate inspired action to achieve your intentions. You find meaning in the journey – the challenges and the joys – and trust in your spirit to guide you as you make choices. You are OWNING your life through your mind, body and spirit alignment!

This is the magic of woo-woo, and if you have found your way to this website, we are certain this is where it all begins to make sense for you. Whether you are full on proud of your woo, or you are still cultivating it – we have something for you! Are you ready to stand in connection to your highest self?

what are you seeking?

Are you empathic, highly sensitive, and longing for answers?

Sometimes we just don’t even know where to start, or resist exploring because the world has told us it is not okay to believe in the unseen, or to trust in a higher power, or we were never even taught about our highest SELF. 

At WooVersity, we are interested in busting the myths that might limit one from aligning with their soul truth. We strive to bring in all pieces of the puzzle – bringing the unseen concepts of energy and spirit into the consciousness in a a grounded and realistic way.

The mind, body, and emotions are all important aspects to be fully felt, experienced and honored as spirits having this physical experience.

For us, WOO means embracing the mystery of the mind-body-spirit connection.

Are you ready find the stepping stones and to play in the flow of life?

What are your beliefs in the unknown?

Has someone said to you “it’s a little woo-woo” and all of a sudden it made sense? Have you been hiding your interest or trust in the unseen world of energy or connection to Spirit? Are you a healer? Or wondering if you MIGHT be one?  Perhaps you are empathic and feeling overwhelmed with life?

Spirituality is often the missing puzzle piece. This is not to be confused with religious rules. Spirituality, for us, is about connecting to your true source. YOUR energy. Which is interpreted into your unique experience, in this one-of-a-kind body.

We hold the space for you as you seek to understand how spirit – your energy – distills down into all aspects of beingness: body, mind, emotion.

Would you like to enhance your relationship to the sacred, know everyday miracles, and really begin to let synchronicity be your road map to the divine connection of your truth – and living your most authentic life?

Let’s work together to find beliefs that are true to you, and OWN them.


we are creating a community

you are not alone

We are everyday people who know there is more to what is typically accepted in society.

We may have felt a little bit like we never fit in.

We know the world is shifting and are owning our unique sensitivities and awarenesses – showing up for who and what we came here to learn about at this time on the planet.

We have had painful life lessons that led us to our own healing, and brought us to the inspired moment of right now.

We have passion and LOVE for this work.

We shout from the rooftops and own all aspects of ourselves – our spiritual knowingness, explore curiosity about the unseen, embrace the dichotomies of life, take inspired action, and have trust in the body-mind-spirit connection.

We have stepped into the truth of our gifts and are ready to share them with the world.

We’ve got this woo-thing down.

will you join us?

inspired action comes from the willingness to grow

As you connect to your intuition, you cultivate clarity on your truth.

what else do I need to know?

We aim to help connect you with your truth, to help master certainty in your soul’s journey, and consciously live a more intentional life.

Do I have to be “super” intuitive to take these classes and be a part of your community?

We are all innately intuitive! However, many have disconnected from their 6th-sense. Some will re-open to it, and some will not. Just like most things in life, some are naturally more intuitively gifted, and some require more practice. No matter where you are in the spectrum, we are certain that there is something here that can help you to trust, shape, or master your intuitive knowingness!

What happens as I journey down this path?

It isn’t easy to awaken to the truth of who you are. It takes work to peel away the layers that have built up as your soul has journeyed from lesson to lesson. We believe that when you partner with your intuition and do the energy work to align body and spirit, you are committing to a form of self-love like no other. When this happens, you own your personal journey, recognize your unique stepping stones, and play in the flow of life.

What if I like science?

Awesome!  We like science too!  Scientists are always finding and proving more about everything, including energy. Science is a piece of the puzzle of life. Learning to connect with your truth allows your intuition to guide you to the ushers of science that can best serve you. Ponder for a minute: we incarnated on this planet, here at this time, for a reason. Science holds knowledge for our growth, health and development as souls – let’s benefit from it! And as there are always more ways to evolve as a soul, we are excited to see the evolution of science discoveries connected to spirituality.

So wait, what IS woo?  Tell me one more time!

In simple terms, WOO is the belief in the unknown. This can include energy, spirit, the divine and more! Mastery of woo is when one embraces this unseen in a way that helps them to align body, mind, and spirit for a life filled with more conscious awareness and sense of purpose.

How will I develop personally?

Skills such as intuition, clairvoyance, energy awareness, meditation, emotional intelligence, and attunement to the body’s wisdom – in partnership with the discernment of your analyzer and connection to spirit will help lead you to a truth all your own, finding freedom and empowerment by trusting your spirit and body alignment.  Within our course offerings, you can pick and choose which path you want to learn more about!

So, if I heal myself, all of the world’s problems will go away?

Working on yourself is just a part of the puzzle! The world is in immense change, and we need people to take action to help that!  We believe that as you gain more certainty in who you are, and clear away the layers of untruths that have built up on your beingness, you will become more aligned and inspired in how to show up in the world.  As you learn energetic boundaries, you will maintain your vitality, feel less inclined to “hide”, and find inspiration.  Then, you can carry it out into the world to lead as an intuitive activist, helping to outwardly name the systems that no longer serve our world; inspiring others to take action and tune into their own humanity, embracing the individuality and unique differences between one another, for the growth and wholeness for all of mankind.

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