Grad Cafe

Graduates! Would you like a chance to gather in guided meditation, run energy with some kindred-souls, and participate in reading and healing trades? This is your chance! Each week there will be a timely and intuitively selected ‘inquiry topic’ via guided meditation, and then participants will do trades.¬†We will be tapping into the collective energies for healing and growth, working on deprogramming and reprogramming, take a step in more fully embodying our earthly existence and having our multidimensional awareness here, as well as continue to become more clear channels of our own wisdom to help ourselves and others. This space is for those looking for opportunity to take a next step, blow more pictures, and wish to have held space to continue their practice.

Wednesdays, 10am-Noon, 4 months, April 19th – August 16th, via Zoom, $222/mo

Please join us! Open to all who have completed at least 2-years of training.

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