Group Support for Healing Professionals

Let’s get the energy of our businesses flowing in a powerful circle of connection!  For those who are actively working with clients as Energy Readers, Healers, Spiritual Counselors and Teachers, etc and would like additional group + professional support including advanced healing & holding space practices + in/outs of running business, etc.

In a Circle of Reflection & Connection

  • Work the energy of client practices & pictures
  • Look at the ins-and-out of running a business
  • Revisit basic & advanced healing practices via teaching and discussion, trades with peers, and group healings with the public
  • Discuss discernment as to staying in your “lane” as a healer, and when the need to refer out is important
  • Increase understanding around the implications of trauma
  • Gain awareness around spiritual bypassing
  • Examine your own cultural lens as a healer, clear societal programming
  • Sharpen skills in holding space for clients so they can be empowered in their own healing
  • Increase certainty, compassion, and boundaries around client’s growth periods
  • Support each other in actively taking care ourselves and our healing
  • Amplify business growth via this circle of powerful healers

The Deets

Starts Monday, Sep 18th | 10am-Noon MST

Meets weekly for 6-months | $250/mo

we meet via Zoom, join us from anywhere in the world!

Facilitated by Stacia Synnestvedt

Pre-req: ~2 yrs of a BPI style training, or equivalent, and actively working with clients. If you do not meet these requirements 100%, but have an established client practice, please email Stacia ( to see if an exception can be made.

Group Facilitator & Mentor

Rt. Rev. Stacia Synnestvedt has been teaching intuitive development and spiritual healing courses since 2008, as well as offering pioneering work with one-on-clients for over 16 years.

She is an ordained Bishop, a spiritual teacher and counselor, and intuitive healer who earned her meditation teaching certificate, and multiple-levels of Non-denominational spiritual ordainmanships, at The Church of Inner Truth in Santa Fe, NM and The Church of Inner Light in Boulder, CO.

Stacia is often referred to as “the healers healer” and the “teacher’s teacher”, and has a deep pool of knowledge and observations from her personal studies, teachings, and professional work to offer healers and therapists on their path. It is her life’s mission to support others as they transform and grow with the help of their intuition and understanding of Spirit! Most importantly, Stacia takes pride in walking the talk, and has lived her life authentically healing, growing and integrating these techniques within herself. She is passionate about sharing her wisdom with other healers, within a container of healing professionals, to enhance personal well-being, and bring forth an evolution in service capacity.

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