Teach Kids How To Meditate | Weekend Workshop for Adults

The time to empower the next generation with energy awareness tools is ever-increasing. Can you imagine having the tools to understand your own energy, how to ground and clear your space, set boundaries – and more – before the world has a chance to completely take over your innate knowingness? We will will focus on giving children the tools to learn to stay connected to their inner knowing, understand their personal space and help them connect to what is true and important for them – and let go of what isn’t!

This workshop will be jam packed with teachings for adults who are interested in helping kids learn how to meditate – specifically using the unique toolset of energy awareness visualizations. We will break it down into one tool at a time, and lead you through quite literally the kindergarden experience, or a child-like mind, of learning how to ground, set boundaries, run energy, understand your personal space, and more. Embracing each tool in an age appropriate manner, we will use familiar everyday imagery in fun visualization and meditation exercises, play games, sing songs and create art – just like you will do with children when you are ready to teach!

You will leave knowing not only how to present the techniques to different age levels, but also understand how to energetically set the space in fun and learning. We will also discuss:

+Some key experience components (physical, mental, emotional, creative, etc) needed to help bring the teachings more fully into a child’s understanding
+How to use the teachings to begin instilling emotional/somatic mindfullness within kids (and why this is important)
+Key insights about what it looks like to teach kids meditation (hint: it’s usually not them sitting still for more than a moment or two)

You will be given a packet that contains information on the teachings, creative project ideas, songs, and more that will help you bring everything to life for the kids you are working with!

This class is open to ANYONE who wishes to learn how to teach children to meditate – caregivers, yoga teachers, school-teachers, therapists, etc. You will learn how to help kids mindfully explore their personal space, their energy, their bodies and spirits! There will be a list sent to you ahead of time consisting of art supplies (standard/simple items) you will be asked to gather and bring to the zoom meetings.

OFFERED: Saturday & Sunday, June 3rd & 4th, 2023 | Zoom

Saturday June 3rd class is 10am-3pm
Sunday, June 4th class is 10am-Noon

COST: $333

Stacia Synnestvedt, developed this curriculum, utilizing these unique tools, in conjuction with the non-denominational spiritual center she trained at, and now is in partnership with them as a director of their sattellite center. For years, pre-pandemic, the Childrens Meditation classes she held sold out every month. As things are opening up again, and kids having gone through so much, Stacia recognizes the need to empower more teachers who can offer these tools to children, won’t you join her in helping to bring this work to the next generation?

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