I’m Not Psychic, Am I?

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Are you Psychic?

Why would I take an intuition course? I’m not clairvoyant! I don’t really have psychic abilities, do I?

These are all terms that can be used somewhat interchangeable, and the truth is we ALL have these abilities!

These doubts are bouncing around in the analyzer part of your brain, and yet, something drew you to click on this page and read this post anyway, am I right?

Let’s take a moment to say hello to your hesitations around your psychic abilities, and how they might be blocking your connection to the divine and your own highest self.

My Psychic Journey

One of the most common questions I get from people when they hear that I do psychic readings and intuitive trainings as a career is “Wow! So did you see visions and have psychic abilities as a child?” And my answer, actually, is, not really.

Although I was always a highly sensitive child, I didn’t develop my own intuitive abilities until later on in my life. In early adulthood, I had a picture perfect life on the outside, but I felt exhausted, disconnected, and numb. Nothing was medically wrong with me, but I knew there had to be a better way to live my life!

It was this motivation to heal myself that led me to my psychic work. I found myself enrolled in a class called How To Heal Yourself, and my entire life path shifted.

This class taught me that we are all just energy. We go through our daily lives, especially those of us who are highly sensitive, absorbing the energy of those around us, and if we don’t have the tools to tap into our own intuition and know what energy is ours and what isn’t, we can end up feeling depleted, unhappy, and stressed out. This information was life changing for me!

The next step after this course was to join a “Clairvoyant Training Program” and I almost didn’t join this course because I thought, “If I were clairvoyant wouldn’t I be able to predict the future and talk to ghosts?” Ha!

Luckily the universe kept me on course when I tried to ignore the call to take this class! And what did I find out when I joined?! The beauty of developing your own intuition is that it is first and foremost a gift to yourself. The word “clairvoyant” simply means “clear seeing of the soul” – what a wonderful concept!

We are all gifted with psychic abilities

The truth is, we all have intuitive abilities, but many have closed down their connection to them or don’t know how to interpret the signals they are getting. Some will open to them again, and some will not. Some are more “natural” at it and some have to practice to get better! But EVERYONE is psychic! And some are just have misconceptions about, or are scared of, that word! 🙂

In the classes that I took, and now teach, we learn the tools to see ourselves clearly, free of the limitations and untrue stories we have grown up telling ourselves over and over again.

After you have developed the tools to let all of this go and improved your overall beingness in the world, you will also undoubtedly have finely attuned intuition that can connect to your highest self’s knowingness to trust your life path, and have more clarity on the unseen world of energy! AND, you can then learn how to guide others, if you so wish.

It might sound cliché to say that we are all gifted with psychic abilities, but it’s really true!

Learning how to open up to and trust your intuition to guide you – whether you are trying to improve your quality of life or you are actively seeking to expand your spiritual knowingness – will help you to create the life you have always wanted.

If you’d like to learn more about what psychic means to YOU, please join our community and try my free 5 day intuitive awareness game.

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