Forgiveness: A Tool to Clear Karma

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Forgiveness is a practice connected to karma.

First, let’s see how exactly forgiveness plays a role in karma.

We’ve already addressed karma, and how we can get stuck in unconscious patterns because of it, and also learned about how it’s connected to our unmet wants and needs.

When you have not forgiven someone else, you are carrying a piece of their energy with you. The two of you carry out similar situations over and over to try to come to a complete circle, and resolve the situation. You are taking on different roles and situations, of course, but you may be exchanging this same old karmic energy on a loop.

When you have not forgiven yourself, you are carrying an even larger piece of this energy around with you. You experience this same pattern with anyone you can, trying to complete it anyway possible. Your soul is begging you to forgive yourself.

This can happen in the same lifetime, or even be carried from one life-time to the next. If it is coming from a past life, we may not even be aware of what it is we are trying to resolve!

Imagine these patterns as a karmic energy loop. Guess what? When you don’t release the unresolved want or need, you’re creating even more karma for yourself!  The solution?  Coming into present time with your wants, needs and feelings.  When you are stuck in wanting or needing the past to be different, you can’t forgive. And, forgiveness is what can actually break this pattern.

To me, forgiveness is not necessarily about making anything “ok” that someone did or that happened, it’s simply about stopping the act of giving your energy away to the past or to another person.

If you’re stuck in a place of anger, resentment, judgement, fear – whether it be towards yourself or another – it’s difficult to move forward, or grow as a spirit.

However, it is important to honor those feelings!

Feel the anger, sadness, resentment, etc in your body NOW, what does it feel like within yourself in this present moment? Speak your truth at this point in time, without trying to change anything in the past.

“I am angry!”  instead of “If only you wouldn’t have done that!”  “or I wish that hadn’t happened!”

Come back to the moment, and say hello to yourself present time. Honor the feelings that come up for you now, in regards to the past, or where you are currently stuck. The present is where true healing happens.

The past will never change, but in honoring how you feel now will help you to call back your energy that is stuck in the past, and diffuse where there are blocks present day.

As a spirit in a body, we all desire the opportunity to honor our true feelings – the whole spectrum! To ignore them is similar to trying to ignore the weather – they are ever-changing, similar to seasons, and the storm serves a purpose just as much as the summer warmth.

The concept of forgiveness is all about choosing to grow. It requires becoming aware of your patterns (thoughts, emotions, relationships), honoring your experience and all that it has brought to who you are today, and then giving yourself permission to change.

Then, you can move forward with intention, and all of who you are today.

When we let ourselves experience our truth now, without losing our energy to trying to change the past, we can really  experience transformation.

This, to me, is forgiveness.

It is a practice. And a great karma update. 🙂

My hope for you is that you can allow the way of forgiveness to be shown to you in the simplest of ways.  If you’d like some support about coming more into present-time with yourself the Intuitive Training is a great place to do this!

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