Karma May Not Be What You Think

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What is Karma?

“Karma’s a bitch.” … “Karma is the sweetest revenge.” … “I hope karma bites him in the butt.”

We sure do have a lot of preconceived notions about what karma is, don’t we?

But do we really know what karma is?  Here’s what I have learned.

Many tend to think about it as “an eye for an eye,” but karma goes deeper than that.

Karma is all about becoming present time with your life.

By nature, we are powerful creators – we can create anything we want or need, and when it doesn’t happen right away, that want or need carries on and must be eventually completed.  Everything comes full circle.

Karma has to do with reincarnation, and we carry out stories from karma we created in our past lives when a want or need wasn’t met.

Every time your needs or wants went unmet — such as your relationships unfulfilled — karma was created.

Imagine your past lives as a storybook, each one a chapter. If every plotline doesn’t have a satisfactory ending (and do the big plotlines EVER end in just one chapter?), then each character – soul – involved must revisit this story in another chapter.

As you can imagine, our stories get complicated and messy as we pass through our lifetimes!

Visualize a spider’s web, each plotline of a past life as one of the silk threads in the web, all of them connecting to each other – with you in the center – as you incarnate from life to life.

Your karma will guide you to the characters and to situations that are similar to the themes in your past stories. Sometimes we meet the same souls over and over for completion, and sometimes it’s our own karma and we are just trying to work it out with anyone we can.

What are your soul’s innermost desires? What needs or wants do you feel like are never met, no matter what you do?

Do you have people in your life you are drawn towards, even though your relationship with them might not be healthy?

Your soul is guiding you to a completion of your karma, asking you to work through your past lives and write the ending to your chapter, to cut the silk thread of the tapestry you have woven.

When life feels out of control, perhaps like you are a victim to circumstance and you can’t get a break, this could be due to karma. When things feel like they just keep happening over and over, you might be stuck in a karmic pattern that is not completing.

You can clear your karma

The good news it that, once we become conscious of it, we can start to change it.

You do not have to stay in bad relationships or situations to clear your karma, you can become present time with your wants and needs, and start being intentional with life now!

When you clear your karma, old patterns of behavior shift, the way you engage in unhealthy relationships can change. You will have more energy to focus on the present.

The tricky part, is that you can’t really control how others respond to your choice to end the karmic pattern you have become aware of – whether it be a personal relationship or a systemic dysfunction in the greater society (and this is a very big challenge that we are trying to free ourselves from!) – but the first step is to choose a different desired direction for yourself, and navigating the world around you once you take steps towards that new outcome.  Becoming more present with your thoughts and actions is a big part of the task.

However, sometimes the work goes beyond just thinking or wishing for a change. Personal development is key. There is support to help you (you can schedule a session with me). Oh, AND, we have some classes to help you too!  Check them out.

To sum up, be clear with your wants and needs; come into present time with them, and take intentional action to have them come to fruition, to the best of your ability, this lifetime! 🙂

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