What Is A Growth Period?

When we make the conscious decision to embark upon a spiritual journey, we make an agreement with our highest self to take on some growth periods. Well, truthfully, everyone experiences personal [...]

Shame Is Contagious

Shame is a tricky emotion. It can lead us to believe we are unworthy of good things happening to us, of love, or even of actually existing at all. Other than a few amazing shame experts, like [...]

Are You An Empath?

Do you know if you are an Empath? Yesterday, while doing some work in our community space, a woman walked in and hesitantly started to say, “You’re going to think I’m totally nuts, but I feel [...]

Just Breathe

Consciously Breathe A regular practice in my life has been remembering to consciously breathe. Yea, yea I’ve never actually forgotten to take those simple breathes that supply oxygen to my cells [...]