Are You An Empath?

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Do you know if you are an Empath?

Yesterday, while doing some work in our community space, a woman walked in and hesitantly started to say, “You’re going to think I’m totally nuts, but I feel other people’s feelings all the time and I just can’t handle it anymore!”

All we could do was laugh, because a) there is nothing “nuts” about her statement and b) we have so many many people who make this very same declaration all of the time! It is the nature of our work, afterall.

So you’ve most likely stumbled upon this blog post because you, too, feel other people’s feelings, and might be worried that it’s not normal, and most likely, it’s exhausting you.

Rest assured, you’re not nuts and you’re in good company.

So what is an “empath”?

Empaths are people who are highly attuned to other people’s energy, this can include emotions, thoughts, and more.

If you’re an empath, maybe you already know this about yourself, or maybe you’ve just labeled yourself as “highly sensitive.

Empaths are like sponges for energy – soaking up others’ excitement, crying with them when they are sad, shaking when someone close to them is experiencing rage.

If you are an empath, you’ve probably noticed that large parties or crowds – even fun ones – can make you feel drained or exhausted afterwards.

Perhaps public transportation, amusement parks or concerts make you weary. That’s because you’re an energy sponge! There’s a lot of energy in places like those!

Empaths are not just more highly attuned to others’ emotions, they have more highly attuned senses, too.

You may find you are more light, temperature, sound or smell sensitive than your less empathic friends.

You may need a little more sleep, or just a little more alone time in a quiet space to recharge your batteries.

Being an empath doesn’t mean a lifetime of solitary silence, though.

The same sensitivities that can overwhelm empathic people also come with huge gifts.

Empaths are wonderful listeners. You know that person that everyone feels compelled to share their life story with? Of course you do, because that’s you!  You may enjoy that, but also hate it at the same time!

Empaths are not only good listeners, but they are human bullshit detectors. You can feel when someone is lying.

You can sense the energy around someone.

So many people with empathic abilities seek out help or validation because they have reached a point in their lives where they are shutting down outside stimulation because they have just become too overwhelmed.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Equipped with the proper tools, you can learn to know what energy belongs to you and what energy doesn’t. You can learn how to ground yourself and set your space so that you can become more intentional and aware of the energies around you.

Being an empath means you have the potential to be an amazing healer if you so choose.

And, some food for thought — we are all empathic by nature, just some may have unconsciously figured out how to shut it down because it was overwhelming. So, which are you, one that feels an overload of everyone else’s stuff, or have you numbed yourself to the world around you?

If you would like to learn more about how to manage the energy around you, as well as have clarity around what is actually yours, please join us for our free 5-day Intuitive Awareness Game.

Then, to gain some tools to really help you have ownership over your own energy, body and intuition, please join us for Reclaim Your Space!

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