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Traits of Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

I often find myself walking in nature appreciating the colors and textures of the plants around. I listen to the birds chirping and other animals scurrying around. Effortlessly, I notice these things, but they are hidden to others. My curiosity gets the better of me and before I know it I am touching leaves, placing my hand on the bark of a tree and really feeling the life within the tree.

At the same time, when a light is buzzing, I not only hear it, but react to it much as most people react to nails on a chalkboard. I am often am keenly aware of things going on within my body that are not right long before a doctor will ever validate that something is awry.

A highly sensitive person has an acute sense of the physical world around them.  My heightened sense of the physical is just one trait I share with other highly sensitive people.   Some people define Highly Sensitive People (HSP) as those who have heightened physical awarenesses, and empaths as those who have heightened emotional senses.

Personally, I see there is a close interaction between all aspects for those that are extra-sensitive. The heightened awareness amplifies our senses physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

How many times have you walked into a crowded room only to have the energy zapped out of you?

Noisy, chaotic environments put our senses into overdrive, and that can manifest itself physically. We experience positive and negative emotions more deeply, whether they are our emotions or someone else’s.

Do people tell you “Don’t take things so personally” often?

Receiving feedback used to be my worst nightmare. As highly sensitive people, you and I, experience things more intensely. This does not mean we have a disorder or something that needs to be fixed. It means that we process things more deeply. Once we recognize our ability to feel & be more, we can create a better awareness of what we need in our life and learn to trust ourselves.

There are many positive aspects to being a highly sensitive person:

  • We are kind and have a great sense of fairness
  • Love to solve problems
  • Are detailed oriented
  • Have a great imagination
  • We are intuitive and empathic

Experiencing life in such a highly attuned way can feel exhausting, and even lead to health issues.

When we aren’t aware of our gifts as a highly sensitive person, we might feel like we are drowning from the life around us.   It doesn’t have to be like that. With the proper tools,  you can learn what energy belongs to you and what does not. Learning how to ground yourself and create a space for yourself can be life changing.

I help you build that toolset with Reclaim Your Space. In Reclaim Your Space you learn the techniques to ground yourself, set healthy boundaries, become more present and take inspired action to your purpose.

When you set boundaries for yourself and partner with your high sensitivities, you can use that to transform yourself and take positive action!

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