What Is A Growth Period?

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When we make the conscious decision to embark upon a spiritual journey, we make an agreement with our highest self to take on some growth periods.

Well, truthfully, everyone experiences personal growth in their life, we are just inviting you to become aware of what is happening by taking a spiritual perspective!

Just like when you’re a child and you experience periodic growing pains, spiritual growth periods can hit you in the same way – it may take a bit to realize what it happening, feeling uncomfortable (or maybe like you might die?!), and are most certainly a sign that you are about to emerge as a stronger, greater version of yourself.

A spiritual growth period is an awakening. Often times they can be triggered by big shifts in our life: changes in job, the start or end of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, an illness, etc.  These types of events may feel out of our control and the growth period may overwhelming and confusing.

When we start consciously choosing a spiritual path, or personal growth, this can also bring on growth periods. This involves making a conscious choice – unlike the previous examples, which force us into change – to become more self aware and break old patterns and habits.

It is, quite literally, like a demolition process.

You are tearing down walls, destroying old paradigms of behavior and thought, cleaning up stuck emotions, and so much more!  While you make space for all of the NEW growth, you will feel OFF.  You may be foggy in the head. Emotions may feel extra intense. Your body might feel slowed down and fatigued. You may get run down or sick, or have minor annoyances that delay your progress on major projects. It can be difficult not to get caught up the head space of “poor me” or “why now” – but when you tune into your intuition, you’ll realize that your discomfort is because you are growing!

Growth periods usually don’t feel great while you’re in the midst of the demolition. There is no way to sugar coat this. But the end result is amazing, and absolutely worth the experience of sitting with the uneasiness.

When you notice you’ve entered a growth period, nurture yourself extra. Go to bed early, drink more water, make space for alone time, share your experiences with someone who can listen in neutrality, meditate, and give yourself grace when making decisions. Imagine that you’re a rosebud opening up, and give yourself the most nourishing fertilizer and sunlight possible, as well as lots of permission and patience for the unfolding.

A growth period is like learning to surf waves.

The more you can begin to recognize that they come and go, and there is a finesse to finding your balance within each unique one. You will have seniority over what is happening, rather than constantly being pulled into the under-tow and feeling like you are drowning. You’ll pop right back up with your head above water!

Remember to be kind to yourself, check in with your consciousness, and soon enough, you’ll emerge even stronger than you were before.

If you would like some useful tools to begin your spiritual unfolding AND to help support you through your growth periods, a great place to start is with our Reclaim Your Space course!  Or if you’re ready to go full on demolition, check out the Intuitive Training Program. There will be lots of support for you there!

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